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Thursday, December 8, 2011

What Would Mother Say

I'm talking to my mom on the phone tonight and she says to me, "Lisa Marie...your children are sniffing each other's butts...please...when writing this blog just remember, WWMS...What Would Mother Say?"  I usually try not to think about what my mother would say as I go about my day.  She would be mortified.  While I'm on the phone with her, Dempsey is pulling up on my pant leg...jerking down my kid stained pants in the process.  Grady, who is supposed to only have his paci at bedtime, is yanking me over to one side and shoving said paci down my shirt, telling me "I don't have to go to bed now, right mom?" And Lillian is laying on the floor running her foot up my leg, the only one that Dempsey doesn't have a death grip on, while singing "Let's celebrate Kwanzaa."  This reminds me I need to shave.  I'm being molested by my children Mom!  What does my mother have to say about this scene?  "Lisa Marie...don't put that out there!"

Last night we were celebrating St. Nicholas a day late.  Lillian learned about St. Nicholas at school.  She wants to put her and Grady's shoes outside the bedroom door with the hopes that St. Nicholas will leave treats.  Grady takes the shoes from the hallway, placing them on the wrong feet, one velcro navy blue sneaker (his) and one purple patent leather mary jane (hers), and dances to Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, booty style, on his bed.   What would mother say?   "Lisa Marie...those shoes are filthy, don't let him on the bed with those!"

Yesterday, after the boys and I picked Lil up from preschool we went to the library. The first thing we do is stop in the bathroom and I change both boys' diapers. We head to the kids section. All three scatter to play with toys and swipe books and dvd's from their shelves. In the time it takes Dempsey to topple over a chair, Grady has pooped.  This will be a short visit. I'm waiting for the other library patrons to start dropping dead from the fumes at any minute. At the check out I ask Grady to please sit down in the stroller. He looks at me pleadingly "Poop in my butt" he informs me. Thanks for telling us, I had no idea. The librarian thinks it's funny, she laughs. But doesn't volunteer to change his diaper. Time to change libraries. What would mother say? She would remind me of our visit to her library last month. Lil and Grady's uproarious puppet show full of sound effects and puppets flying over book shelves. Dempsey gnawing the paint (non toxic I'm sure) off of three puzzle pieces and knocking the remaining parts of nineteen puzzles onto the floor. The librarian comes over to reprimand us. My mom may not be allowed back. That's okay she would say, she never really liked books anyway.

Lillian spotted a stink bug on the bathroom ceiling this morning.  I climb up onto the vanity to grab it with a tissue and tell her "Don't ever do this."  That's what my mother would have said to me.  I try to grab it and it falls...onto the handle of the red toothbrush sitting on the counter.  Lil looks up at me and says "Mom, I'll use the green toothbrush."  Smart girl.  What would mother say?  She would say "Lisa Marie,  that is DISGUSTING...throw out BOTH toothbrushes.  And get a new ceiling"

At the end of each of my days what would my mother say?  I know what she would say because she says it everyday.  "Lisa're doing a great job... and I love you more than all the tea in China."

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  1. LISA MARIE!!!! After such a week...I needed this! Reading this, I laughed till I cried, and then repeated this process many times over! This is the best, and so heartwarming (I think?) to read. BRAVO LITTLE ANGEL! YOU were quite a handful in your toddler stage (and many years thereafter), and the eerie part here is that I recall Nanny (yours) saying many of these same things to me. Hmmmm...mirror, mirror, on the wall, I'm like my mother after all! Lisa're doing a great job & I love you more than all the tea in China!!!