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Friday, December 2, 2011

Advent Adventures

So my bad mommy secret is out...I let the kids open their Advent calendars as soon as they wake up in the morning.  All eight of them...calendars...not kids.  And I let them eat the chocolates right then and there.  Yes, we have three children and eight Advent calendars.  Our family is fabulous, that's where they all came from.  All but one.

One came from a little friend at Grady's Mom's Morning Out group at our church.  This kind child brought a calendar for each person in the class.  My dear Grady was so thankful he threw a full on, blow out tantrum right there on the classroom floor.  It was so bad his teachers were trying to bribe him with a Christmas Oreo cookie.  They couldn't have known that Grady could care less about those things.  He just licks the cream out then feeds the cookie remnants to our dog Finn.  And obviously Finn wasn't there to help him out.  

He wanted to open that calendar immediately.  Who wouldn't?  He can sniff out chocolate like no woman can.  "No, no, no"  I tell him sweetly..."It's only November have to wait until tomorrow...December 1st."  You know...thirty days hath September... April, June, and November? haven't learned that yet?  What kind of school is this?   He bolts out of the room, said calendar in his hot little hands and flings it across the hallway floor as we quietly and patiently wait the fifteen minutes for Lil's class to finish up.   Why are the other two year olds not acting this way?  My child is quite advanced.  Those other children must not know there is chocolate lurking behind those sealed up little doors.

For God's sake Grady...we are in a church!   You can have chocolate TOMORROW...doesn't that make it all better?   Duh! Why can't you understand that?    See... Dempsey's crawling on the floor away from the calendar...he gets it..he's headed straight for Harvard...he's going right towards that puddle on the bathroom floor...that is much more acceptable.  You just hold onto that calendar until tomorrow and look at the pictures.

Happy "two chocolates in" day.  Or in our case, sixteen.

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