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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Sunday was spent at a Christmas parade.  Upon arriving home the first thing I did, (after schlepping into the house enough gear to outfit the whole Duggar family) was go up to my bedroom to change clothes.  I kick off my shoes and swap out my long sleeve shirt for a tank top hanging from the back of our linen closet.  Feeling very Mister Roger like, I can't help but turn to Finn and ask "Won't you be my neighbor?" She doesn't talk back.  I'm winning. I pull off my jeans, look down, and'll never guess...never in a million years.  Stuck to the front of my underwear is a maple leaf.   Held on by some unidentified sticky substance.  In the boys' diapers I've found a variety of foods and toys...never a maple leaf.  This is pretty cool.  No idea how it got there and probably don't want to know.  Maybe I should play the lottery today.

I once found a naked Barbie doll straddling a singing cow on wheels. Sean was at work so I texted him the picture. He texts me back "Did you pose them like that?" I would never think of such a thing! It obviously was one of your perverted children! I dismantle the toys and pray for Barbie.

Yesterday I come down to the kitchen to find Grady standing on top of our stainless steel trashcan.  He quickly returns to the counter an empty beer bottle from the night before.  "Drink beer"  he tells me.  Great.

Today I was bringing a pile of clean clothes into Lil's bedroom.  I walk in and find her perched up high on the top bunk...completely naked.  Sloppy, lopsided buns sticking out of each side of her head.  "Mom, I'm pretending to be a super hero...I need those pink polka dot pants."  Then she turns to Grady and offers "Grady, you can be my super hero helper and help me fight bad guys!"  To which he politely responds, "No thank you."

Later, I follow Grady into the bathroom to find balled up Christmas window clings.  Dempsey is napping but usually those two are partners in crime when it comes to window clings of any season.  They do not discriminate. Grady pulls them off the window and Dempsey eats them.  I hear they taste just like chicken.  I ask Lillian to put them back on the window.  She looks up at me and says "It's your responsibility, you're the mom."  Really?  Because I'm pretty sure there is nothing in the mommy handbook about window clings.  Plus you seem to forget I know you can't read it.

At the end of the day when I think of all the things I've found,  I can't help but smile. Hope you find something great today.

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