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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Shotglass and an Outhouse

Yesterday was our first pool day of the season.  And the first year Lil is allowed to go to the ladies bathroom by herself.  She went 5 times in three hours.   She told me it must be all the water.  Um, you're not supposed to be drinking it.  She just shrugged her shoulders.  So I did too.  Whatever.

I knew our pool experience would be crazy this year.  Last year, Lil was content to swim in the little pool and Dempsey wasn't running yet.  On my super lucky days, I managed to get both boys to fall asleep in the stroller.  Giving Lil and I a chance to hit the big pool, where no swim diapers are allowed.  Yesterday, I was the star of the pinball game...the ball.  Pinging from one kid to the other. Keeping an eye on Lil, playing with her friends, in the 2 foot portion of the big pool.  Chasing after balls for Dempsey and climbing under water spouts with Grady, in the little pool.  Doling out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, juice boxes, water bottles, pretzels, chips, and sunscreen.  Placing the boys in the stroller and bribing them with Starburst and Ring Pops so I could take Lil swimming in the deep end.  When it was time to leave, Lillian wanted to go into the bathroom...again.  Grady convinced me to let him walk to the van.  "Hold your hand."  He sang sweetly.  All well plotted on his part.  He bolted full speed into the little pool.  With shoes, dry shorts and dry diaper.  Then ran laps around the pool.  It's his victory dance.  What to do...what to do.  Do I chase, threaten, or bribe?  It's sort of like rock, paper, scissors.  I decided to chase, catch, and buckle.  Into the stroller.  He is mad.  I am glad.  It is nap time.

This is the best I could do

The triple threat practiced their swimming skills at camp too.  In the creek.  Finn joined in.  Swimming in circles, biting the water and barking at minnows.   Grady kept throwing large rocks, watching them crash down into the water.  I told him to stop throwing rocks.  He heaved one up and over his head, throwing it into the water.  All while yelling, "I'!"  Well what do you call that then mister?  "I'm not throwing rocks mom....I'm just tossing them."  Whatever.  I'm going to the ladies room outhouse.  And I'm going all by myself.  My mom said I'm allowed.

See...the rocks were huge.  I told him not to throw those rocks.

.  Sniffing blankies.

Dempsey learned it from watching Grady.
No plates at camp.  Must eat candy off ground.
Passed out. 
Keeping the bears away. 
Yes, I bite water and bark at minnows.
Drinking from his shot glass.

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