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Friday, May 4, 2012

Maniacal Mom Steals Grog

Maniacal Mom, Lookout Lillian, Gunship Grady, and Daredevil Dempsey went on a pirate adventure aboard the Sea Gypsy. It was Lil's class field trip.   We made vests and belts last night.  Today we got mustaches and tattoos.  We swabbed the deck, discovered a treasure map, shot water cannons at Stinky Pete, found booty, and drank pirate's grog.  One surprised pirate asked how old Lookout, Gunship, and Daredevil were.  Lillian quickly responded, "We are 4, 2, and 1."  It was at this point that Maniacal Mom remembered.  And tried to walk the plank.  It only seemed appropriate.  As Rusted Root and Send Me On My Way blasted from the boat's speakers.  Preschool teacher put mom in time out.  No one wanted to be left responsible for the triple threat.  Being 4, 2, and 1.  On a boat.  I don't see what the big deal was.  They had grog.

It was Lil's second pirate adventure.  The first for Grady and Dempsey.  Those mateys were given the heave ho last year.  Maniacal Mom wasn't feeling that maniacal.  Gunship Grady was likely to be shoved dive overboard, just to avoid turning two. And Daredevil Dempsey still got his grog from Maniacal Mom's mighty boob.  Pirates do like boobs.  Just not on preschool field trips.   Maybe it was my pirate booty that inspired me this year.  Or maybe it was too much grog when I filled out the permission slip.  Whatever it was, Maniacal Mom and the triple threat ended up on a pirate boat.  Argh matey.

I'm feeling very pirate-ish as a result.  Like I could attack a ship and steal some loot.  That may result in said ship owner calling the police.  On Maniacal Mom.  The triple threat love police cars.  We have two in our neighborhood.  The last time we walked past them, Sean told the kids never to ride in one.  Dempsey chortled.

On the way to our adventure today, Lillian asked me what sorts of things police officers do to help people.  She remembered that they help you when you are lost.  And will drive you home to your house.  She told Grady that the only time they will ever ride in a police car is if they are lost.  I'm pretty sure Grady chortled.  Me?  I reached over, grabbed my 'water' bottle, and slugged some grog.  Oh yea, now I remember, that's how I made it through the pirate adventure.  Argh Matey.

Stealing grog booty

Ice cream bribe for stealing mom some grog

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    1. I thought you may want to have some grog next time we play

  2. They sure are cute....and what a good mom you are to dress them all up!