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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

While they sleep

So I thought he was crazy.  I know, what right do I have.  Thinking someone else is crazy.  But I just didn't understand it.  He ran Batman style, onto the field, at a recent Oriole's game, and was banned for life from future games.  Banned.  For life.  Really?  While I don't understand the thrill,  the penalty seems a bit harsh to me.  And honestly, the guy is right.  How will they ever keep track of that?  It was on his bucket list.  He had to do it. 

Hey, I do lots of crazy things too.    I put sunscreen on myself and Lillian this afternoon.  I even attempted to reapply, as directed.  But had no idea where I put the sunscreen.  Until I opened the refrigerator. 

When the boys are napping, Lil and I can conquer the world. Today, for example, not only did we mow, weed, water, plant, and spray paint...we chopped down a tree.  Yes.  Chopped.  Down.  A.  Tree.  We thought we were pretty cool.  Take that tree.  The tree was dead, it had to come down.  And we were just the women to do it.  Lil was getting into death mode this morning when she flung piggy from the top bunk and declared him dead.  Sorry piggy.  Wonder what was on his bucket list.

On Sunday, after Lil's soccer practice, we took the triple threat to see a professional women's soccer game.  Grady ran, Batman style, onto the field.  Hey, get that kid, someone yells.  I look to the person next to me with my, whose kid is that? expression.  I've perfected that expression.  It was on my bucket list.  And really...who can keep track of which kids are mine anyway?   At least they still let him get autographs.  Banned for life?  Try branded for life.  Mother of the triple threat.

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  1. Kudos for braving a soccer game with the triple threat. I think you did a good job keeping an eye on two of the three!

  2. Thank you Terri! Hey, I figure if I can keep an eye on at least one, the other two can keep an eye on each other!