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Friday, April 13, 2012

Conversations In My Head

I never drank coffee until 2 years ago.  I believe it was right around the time Grady started crawling...and biting the outlet covers out of the sockets.  It's not that I didn't like the taste of coffee, I just didn't like hot drinks.  And never felt like I needed the caffeine.  What the hell was I thinking?  Coffee is awesome!  I love coffee so much now in fact, I want it to be as thick and black as a Guinness.  Sean on the other hand, prefers a Miller Lite.  Therein lies the problem.  Sean and my battle over the coffee every morning.  We've said for months we should buy a Keurig.  But I just can't bring myself to buy one when we have a perfectly good coffee maker.  And what can I say, we didn't even buy this one.  It's my parent's reject. makes coffee.  And if I do it, it comes out just perfect.  Sean's gotten sneaky about it though.  We race downstairs in the morning to be the first one to press the start button.  If Sean gets there first, he dumps in extra water.  If I get there first, I dump in extra caffeine.  I only have time to get about half a cup in before a member of the triple threat sticks a toy it it, pees in it, or dumps it on the floor.  So I gotta get the most bang for my buck. 

Coffee is so fabulous in fact, it didn't even bother me the other morning when Lillian told me my vagina looked like a worm.  Worms are cool I thought. was the coffee thinking for me.   I actually have entire conversations in my head after I've had coffee.  I ask people questions and make up the answers for them.  Let me just tell you, those are the best kinds of discussions to have.  Hooray for coffee.  When Sean pretends I didn't tell him something.  I just say, oh yes I did.  And if you'd stop dumping so much water into the coffee, you'd remember the answer I made up for you.  It was, yes dear.

Lil on her 'cell phone' telling her peeps about the worm

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  1. And there goes my coffee all over the laptop screen at, "Lillian told me my vagina looked like a worm".


    1. I know it, aren't you so jealous ;) Everyone wants their vagina to look like a worm. This is how I bagged my husband.