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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just Butterball It

Broken.  Grady's foot.  I really didn't think much of it.  Last night, the triple threat are playing 'pool'. According to big sister's rules, everyone must have on swimsuits, and the boys are required to go shirtless.  Regardless of the fact that it's mid February.  The blue futon pillow is tossed on the floor, aka...the pool.  Let the furniture jumping begin.  Although Dempsey can climb onto the vaulting apparatuses, he's not cannonballing it yet (or butterballing it...Lil's term...not mine).  He merely wades in the shallow end.  Grady takes a big bound, feet first, landing haphazardly.  Half in the pool and half out.  He cries, but he's over it within seconds.  Onto perfecting his butterball.  There is no swelling or bruising.  Fast forward to this morning...and Grady's penguin walk.  I make an appointment for an X-ray.  After only one stuffed pig baptism in the water fountain, and Grady slamming the big X on the X-ray machine, shutting that sucker down, we are on our way, with splint, to McDonald's.  We hit up Sam's Club, the boys take a brief nap in the car and before I can scream say HELP (Has Excessive Little People), we're in the waiting room of The Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center.  Because, you know, raising the triple threat truly is a sport.

Now they add glitter, who wouldn't want to break a bone?

No place like a bathroom to strut your stuff

He won.  Grady did.  So far, Grady has the youngest broken bone, at two.  Dempsey still has time to claim the title.   Lil was three when she broke her hand.  I had no idea.  She never complained.  No swelling or bruising.  She was grasping her bribe pops with her toes, my only clue.  Broken.  Lillian's hand.

Big sister, so far, holds the title for youngest stitches. She wins.  Demspey still has time to claim that title.  Lil was eighteen months old when she dove off her rocking horse, slamming head first into the corner of the wall.  Maybe she should have butterballed it.

First head wound

Even hospitals use bribes

I sure hope Dempsey's not going to be our loser kid.  He hasn't won anything yet.  So many titles up for grabs and so little time.  What's up with that Demps?  You scared?  Because I am.  Don't win.  Just butterball it.

Dempsey at three months


  1. Oh poor Grady! Bless him, though boy, he can sure rock a leg cast!

    And Dempsey's smile in that picture, is simply beautiful.

    Hope Grady isn't in too much pain. If anyone deserves a night in front of the TV, (alone) with a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates, than it's you.

    1. Grady is a rockstar...and even the nurse said that it is for sure the manliest cast she has ever seen. Can't believe how far casting has come....a rainbow of colors to choose from AND a whole box full of glitters!

  2. Oh no. Sounds so funny when you explain this and you seem so calm...I said to Maryann that maybe when #3 comes a long everything will change over here too, for now I still have a wee bit of control...

    1. oh yes, it's quite freeing to let your children do whatever the hell they want...just blame your husband

  3. I agree--you do take all of this in stride Lis! I am impressed! Whatever you are on, please share...

    1.'s quite fortifying after a long day and it's full of iron for boosted morning energy...or something like that...that's what the can says anyway