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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

And These are the Days of our Lives...

As the World Turns, Lillian and Grady discuss marriage.  Lil asks Grady to be her husband.  He refuses (typical husband), and she wants to know why (typical wife).  We have a baby together, she tells him.  It truly is Another World, when a baby is involved.  He mumbles something unrecognizable, in true husband fashion.  Lil retorts, "Are you talkin' bout my baby, jerk?"  I hope he will not speak about All My Children that way, she thinks.

This is what Grady thinks about that stinkin' baby

Lil is persistent, "Excuse me sir, would you like to be my husband?"  She looks to me and whines that she just can't find anyone to be her baby's daddy.  I commiserate.  She's right, there just aren't enough decent baby daddies to go around anymore.  The Bold and the Beautiful girl that she is, Lil tries to sweet talk him. "Honey, would you like to marry?"  Finally, with-baby-but-no-ring, Lillian takes over.  She just wacks Grady over the head with a basket and tells him they're going to the store.  He wants to bring his blankey.  She relents, as long as he leaves it in the car. What?  Are you going to want to bring your mother along some day too?  Today blanky, tomorrow mommy.  Lil rethinks her choice of baby daddy.   Grady is sort of a slacker, may-be-a-sucker husband-someday, anyway.  He has some work issues.  He needs a Guiding Light.  Why just the other day Lil asked him how work was.  And if he got fired again?  "Yup," he replied.  He could not have cared less.  When she tries to coerce him to go to work, gun-shy-not-yet husband often continues to play foosball and laugh hysterically at her.  She tattles to me. "My husband is late and won't go to work."   She points to me, "Just like your husband does.  He doesn't go to work when he's late either."  Now, for the record, Sean is never late and always goes to work.  I picked a fabulous baby daddy, with my mother's help of course.  She must be talking about my other husband.  I bet that's the one that does laundry and dishes.  I knew he was hiding around here somewhere.  Under all the toys and dirty socks.

Luke and Laura

Grady, Baby, and Lil

Grady does not want to get married 

While at the store, they discuss stopping at the bakery.  They need a cake.  The baby shower is the day after tomorrow.  "Let's go honey."  Grady tells Lil.  Lil's on top of it.  "I already got the cake.  You didn't go to get the cake so you don't know what it looks like!"  She spouts off.  What a bitch bear.   Grady jams himself behind the couch cushions.  "HELP!"  he screams.  Perhaps this entrapment is symbolical of the love harness that Lil has wrapped around his little neck.  Lil is remorseful, "Honey, what's the matter? Are you okay honey?  You're not supposed to be back there."  Grady sucks it up, "Yeah, I okay."  They almost end up at the General Hospital.

As they're on their way to the baby shower, Lil shows her stubborness.  Grady leans down to kiss her and she gives him the chest shove.  He must have left his dirty socks on the floor.  Ah, The Young and the Restless.

And there you have sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.


  1. Replies
    1. What a dramatic couple they glad I'm not married to Lillian.

  2. Oh your kids are absolutely fantastic!
    I've got to admit that I was already laughing out loud before I even clicked on here.
    The sight of Grady's bottom on my dashboard, brought tears of laughter to my eyes.

    1. Thank glad it gave you a laugh! My most favorite part about this naked bum pic is the fact that he also has on Lillian's leg warmers!