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Monday, March 19, 2012

Dempsey, The Baby Honey Badger

Top 10 reasons why Dempsey could be mistaken for a baby honey badger

 1. He just doesn't give a crap
 2. He tackles his enemies brother and sister
 3. He bites
 4. He is impervious to cobra venom
 5. His mother is not easily scared off...not even by lions
 6. He will gladly eat honey bee larvae
 7. He often moves in slow motion...sneak attack
 8. His mother sometimes thinks of taking him to a remote location and digging him a burrow
 9. He likes being buried in dirt and sand
10. He is as fearless and bad ass as his momma

 Baby Honey Badger
Disclaimer - This video contains lots of four letter words...if you are easily offended...or just have something against honey badgers...don't click.

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  1. love it! i hope im voying for you correctly... cause you made me laugh my ass off! xo