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Monday, March 5, 2012

March Christmas Trees and PBR

I had to giggle the other day when Grady told Sean, "You have paint in your hair."  It wasn't paint in his hair.  It was old in his hair.  It was gray hair.   Kids love getting older. This morning Lillian told me she was now eight heels tall.  She took her Snow White high heels and calculated how many lengths of the shoe it took to reach from her head to her toes. She is so excited for her 5th birthday this spring. And where else would she want to have it? Chuck-e-Cheese of course.   I'm not sure we are welcome back.  I'm pretty sure Grady's coin theft made it onto the security cameras. I told her we would think about it. She asked me what happens when she stops growing and she dies and she never got to have a birthday party at Chuck-e-Cheese? She's forming her bucket list at the age of four. She has to have a party there before she dies. And I want to die before I ever go back there again

Sean gave up hitting the snooze button for Lent.  I'm a little worried about what that lack of nine minutes of sleep will do to him.  I'm thinking maybe I'll get to watch one show in its entirety.  Because his thumbs will be too tired to switch back and forth between channels every two minutes.  Win for me.  Kids are kind of like a snooze button.  You want to lean over and smack embrace them when they show up at the side of your bed, at 6am, asking for Froot Loops with milk and shows.  Nine more minutes please.

We slept at my mom's house this weekend.  Lillian in bed with nanny, Grady next to me in my childhood bed, and Dempsey got his own room.  Before the kids went to sleep, they mentioned the Christmas tree that my mother still has sitting on her deck, in its stand.  She still waters it.  She likes it, she tells me, it looks pretty.  It was a memorable Griswold family moment for all.  We gathered around, PBR in one hand, cigarette in the other, (well, not Dempsey of course, his hand can't quite grasp the can yet) to admire the Christmas tree on the deck on March 3rd.  Who can say white trash?  Let's say it together.  Here's a picture to make it more meaningful.

I'm going to sleep.  I have kids to embrace in the morning.

And if you laughed...even a for me.  One click is all it takes!


  1. Maybe Lil can have a joint bday party at Chuck E Cheese with Ellie. I just sent you an invite today. I guess 5 year old minds think alike. We tried to have a roller skating party, but apparently you have to book roller rinks a year in advance. Who knew roller skating was so popular, I thought it was just my kid. xo

  2. Also, I cannot get the tune out of my head from the Grinch when all the whos are standing hand in hand singing around their christmas tree. haha

  3. Lillian is going to be through the roof about that party...she's a crazed lunatic when it comes to chuck. We actually had 2 parties there in one week! Myself...I always had the rollerskating parties ;)