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Monday, January 9, 2012


My darling boys tantrumed for my entire five mile run today.  I wanted to leave the stroller on the side of the trail and run in the other direction.  But I knew they would find me.  I stopped twice to videotape them with my phone.  I snickered while I was recording them the first time, at mile three.  The second one is sideways because I was on the ground in hysterics.  You just can't hear me over the screams.  Grady was so mad I think I saw steam coming out his ears.  I couldn't get that close of a look though because he took off after me.  

I love to run.  I love the butterflies I get in my stomach leading up to a run.  I love being smack dab in the middle of a run, solving all of life's problems.  And I love the sprint to the finish.  I love that it helps me to be a good mom and wife.  It's a break.  I can think about everything, or not one thing.  I like to run outside, by myself, and without music.  Sometimes I get to run completely alone but mostly I run with one or two of the boys in the jogging stroller while Lil is at school.  The kids have grown up in the jogging stroller.  They know the rules. There are no options.  I will stop only so many times to dispense snacks and/or toys and after that you wait till the end.   They get a turn too, when I'm finished, to run and play.  It's my one hour of the day.  They get the other twenty three.  When I'm running with the stroller I feel even stronger.  When I do get the chance to run without it, I sometimes feel like I'm flying.

I spend much of my day running.  I run upstairs and downstairs.  I run after children and away from children.  I run to the basement to make sure no one has trampled Dempsey.  I run after our dog.  I run back and forth to the laundry room.  I run to and from the van.  I run to the bathroom.  I run to the door.   I run outside and I run back inside.  I run to answer the phone.  I run to beat the kids in a race.  I run errands.  I run late.  I run to the kitchen when I remember the toaster oven is still on.  I run Grady out of the kitchen when he's supposed to be in bed.  The last time this happened he was 'unlocking' the kitchen cabinets with my spare car key.  He ran up the stairs, turning back to tell me, 'sweet dreams mom...sweet dreams.'

I run from conversations about penises and vaginas.  Yesterday I ran in from the backyard to catch Lillian tee heeing while grabbing her crotch.  I take a peek and she has a baby doll spoon shoved in the front of her underwear.  I wash the spoon and hand it back.  Please do not put things in your vagina.  Then there was the time I was changing Grady's diaper on the floor and Demspey crawled over and grabbed his penis.  Dempsey thinks penises are hilarious.  He grabs his constantly and chuckles to himself, then gets mad when I diaper him back up.  He knows it's still in there somewhere.  Once I was changing another little boy's diaper while Grady and Lillian watched.  I asked Grady if it looked like his.  Lillian said, "No Grade, yours is more bigger than that."  While changing Grady's diaper he tells his penis goodbye and that he will see it soon.  And the last time Grady ate a hot dog Lillian told him it was a penis.

They're calling.  Gotta run.


  1. You are too funny. love getting my daily laugh reading your blog! wish my thoughts were as

  2. thank you! hope you're feeling better soon!

  3. I love all the regular during the day running descriptions. Made me realize I should get new sneakers. Love that you write this. Really funny and makes me appreciate 5 and 7! Lol

  4. Glenna I am patiently waiting for 5 and 7!