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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Prince Charmin' and other shorts

Prince Charmin'

Lillian - (holding baby Molly) "Prince Charmin'...Get her brush and brush her hair. And get her cereal.  And you're late for work Prince Charmin'."

Grady -"I don't want to go to work. Three more minutes."

Lillian - "Fine...three more minutes and then it's work time."

Lillian - "Prince Charmin', do you want to come with us and run errands? Actually, we have to run errands the day after tomorrow because we have lots of chores to do today. Clean the sink, clean the floors, vacuum, and clean the house all up."

Dempsey climbs on Grady

Lillian - "Get offa Prince Charmin'!"

Grady - "I'm going to work now."

Lillian - "Go to work then. Prince Charmin', let me borrow your hammer. And leave that baby at Grandma's if you're not going to take care of it."

Paci Wars

Lillian - "Last night Grady put a paci in my mouth."

Mom - "While your were sleeping?"

Lillian - "Yes, so I didn't even notice."

Wedding Rings

Lillian - "The green ring is from when Prince Charmin' asked me to marry him and the pink one is the ring he gave me on our weddin' day.  Everytime I lose a ring from when I married him I get a new one."

Little Clucker

Mom - (to Dempsey) "Are you clucking?  You little clucker."


Mom - "Grady, please don't fart on your sister."

Beer Juice

Lillian - "Mom, my juice is bad.  Now that old juice is in my belly.  Yuck.  And that juice tasted like old beer, because it was sittin' by beer...and you know I don't like beer."


Lillian - "I love Dempsey."

Mom - "He loves you too."

Lillian - "Yup, he loves all of us.  Even his brother that doesn't listen all the time.

That Fun

Grandma - (about Lil and Grady) "They really do love thier brother.  And I mean, he's not that fun.

Take Your Brother to School

Lillian - "Am I ever going to have a 'take your brother to school' day?"


Lillian - (to mom) "You're a busy mom!"


Mom - "You're growing as we speak."

Lillian - "I didn't know speaking made you grow."

Paci Wars Continued

Lillian - "Grady, go tell Mom you want a paci so I can have one."

Mom - "I hear you."

Lillian - "Oops.  Grade, go get one, don't tell Mom."

More Than

Lillian - "I love you more than Grady mom."

Grady - "I like Lillian too."

Break Time

Lillian - "Grady, break times over."


Lillian - " could use some manners."


Lillian - "Who brings home the money?"

Mom - "Daddy."

Lillian - "Do you think he could bring home some quarters?"

Lake Baby

Lillian - "Mom, I just dropped my baby in the lake.  I had to jump in to save her."


Lillian - "What did you hurt this time at the gym daddy?"


Lillian - "So Mary is Jesus's mother, and Joseph is his father.  Is God Mary's father?"

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