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Thursday, July 12, 2012


I love that my children think they are super.  Because they are.  They wear capes.  And run naked.  They refer to themselves as 'super boy' and 'super girl'.  The two that speak coherently anyway.  They sing songs as they run naked.  Super boy and super giiirl, always have a way to dooo it.  They scale the deck and save the day.  And each other.  And me.

It must be beetle season.  The beetles are everywhere.  While the kids dash in and out from the backyard, the beetles follow them in.  The morning after, I see the beetles, belly up, scattered throughout my home.  They had a tough night.  So have I.  Finding blankies, piggies, duckies, and pacis.  And myself.

I've hit a couple of road blocks.  But they don't keep me down.  Those road blocks.  Because the kids keep me up.  They are super.  Super girl and super boys.

My kids love bugs.  And take care of them.  And make them do chores.  I was folding clothes in my bedroom today when Grady walked in, wanting to help.  He went back to grab his beetle friend.  I had tried earlier to flush him down the toilet.  "Don't!  He's nice!" Grady exclaimed.   I said hi to his beetle friend and invited him to help too.  "He doesn't know how to fold clothes." Grady spoke for the beetle.  "And he can't talk."  Bummer.  I directed Grady to set the beetle down on the carpet.  Grady found another beetle friend for his non clothes folding beetle.  "Awww, he's the baby, where's the mom?"  Grady inquired.   I told him she was taking a break.  He didn't get it.

Moms don't take breaks.  But they should.  Or you'll find yourself belly up. 

Grady broke Lillian's soccer trophy.  Sean bought super glue to fix it.  Within moments of opening it, his fingers were super glued together.  I laughed.  Sean didn't.  I pulled out the nail polish remover.  Super giiirl always has a way to dooo it.  His fingers were freed.  Then Sean laughed.  The trophy got fixed.    It's easy to get stuck where you are.  It takes a miracle, and lots of hard work, to get yourself out.

I feel like a beetle some days.  Belly up and no one to help.  Then I look around.  And find friends like Grady.  Suddenly I'm on my feet again.  Folding laundry and singing super giiirl always has a way to dooo it!  And I'm freed.

The beetle offering

The beetle

Super boys

Super Lil

Super sneaky

Super muddy

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