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Friday, November 9, 2012

Politics. Gasp. Here's My Take On It.

I don't like to talk about politics.  To anyone.  Except Finn.  It's very personal for me.  My thoughts have changed many times since I've been grown up enough to take it seriously.  Not because of another person's perspective, but because I have changed.  I've gone to college and gotten married.  Held jobs.  Paid taxes.  Set up savings and retirement accounts.  Given birth.  Three times.  Everything changes when you have children.  Sean and I have purchased a home and a minivan.  Selected health, car, and mortgage insurance.  We've voted.

The president has the worst.job.ever.  I would not want to trade places.  Any presidential candidate has got to have balls.  The president is often hated and takes the blame for others' decisions.  They are the soccer goalie.  By the time the ball is whizzing past, the rest of their team has failed.  Each candidate had great qualities.  As well as a few that I'd like to pretend didn't exist.  Just like me and you.  Because they are like me and you.  They just happen to be running for president.  And have really big balls.  Congrats Ann and Michelle.  When the day is done, at least you have that.

Each strive for a better country.  In their own way.  I respect them both.  I don't believe that any one president can destroy or save our world.  I think that's up to us.  As humans.  As the non-presidents.  The people.  Members of the United States of America.  A team where no one should be the goalie.  And take all the blame.

My voting experience this week was memorable. I brought the triple threat.  The waiting time, from my original place in line, was over an hour.  After a few voters got run over by an errant stroller and Grady and Dempsey battled out their political views in toddler speak, a poll volunteer offered to move us to the front of the line.  It was a special request from our priest and parish secretary, who were standing behind us.  I think Father Jeff was pissed that the baptisms didn't work.  He's the goalie.  Obviously someone forgot to bless the holy water.  Three times.  After fifteen minutes, we were escorted to the check in table.  Not one person complained.  At least not out loud.  When we finally made it to the booth, I was proud.  For the privilege to vote, and for the kindness of others who recognized my precarious situation.  However, I may have voted for Skittles.

My husband Sean is a teacher and a member of the United States Air Force.  He educates our youth and protects our country.  I can't think of any two more admirable positions.  He's also a bartender.  Sean gets people liquored up.  Another admirable position.  I've heard of people detesting teachers and loathing the military, but really, who has anything bad to say about a bartender?   Sean and I lead our family team.  We don't always make the right decisions.  And when we don't, we blame it on the triple threat.  We are the goalies after all.  Someone must have fumbled by the time it gets back to us.   I think it was Lillian.  Or Grady.  Or Dempsey.  They are honing thier team skills. There's always Finn to blame.  She has two too many legs.  But in the end, we always fight for what is best for our family and the world that our children will one day live in without us.  I can only trust that the president, whomever he or she may be, does the same.  Just like you and me.  God bless America.

Educating America's youth.  Mars and Venus in the Bedroom. 

You wanna know somethin' about politics?  I'll tell ya somethin' about politics!

Finn's done with all of them.

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