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Monday, June 11, 2012

Jumping Head First

I know you're not supposed to do this.  All the experts advise against it.  But sometimes we just can't help ourselves.  Because it's hilarious to think about.  Labeling.  Our children.  We do it.  The crazy one, the crazier one, and the craziest one.  The one most likely to throw a party when you're not home.  And the one who will play hey mister to snag the beer.  The one who will blow their teacher a kiss for an A and the one who could care less.  The child that will be the first to climb out the bedroom window to meet friends at midnight.  And the one that will catch them when they jump.  Sean and I were lying in bed the other night.  Labeling our children.  Sean and I agreed.   Lillian will be the boss.  Grady's motto will be, Let's paaaaartaaay!  While Dempsey's will be, Let's break some shit!

Grady is wild.  And I love it.  He licks people.  And jumps head first into everything.  Baths, pools, bushes, embraces, arguments, and fun.  He enjoys cold baths.  The coldest the water will go.  Dumping buckets full of frigid water over his head.  He turns on a hose and squirts it full blast at his face.  Then laughs.  You can't help but laugh too.  At two, he rides his bike around the neighborhood like the wicked witch of the west.  Then helps his sister when she falls over on hers.  He clobbers me in the pool, pulling down the top of my swim suit. Revealing what is left of my right boob.  I'm pretty sure the lifeguard was impressed.  He drinks water from a dog dish and loves anything with added sugar.   But will finish it off with a bag of green beans.  He can climb a tree, a fence, and a kitchen counter.  He sings.  A punk rock version of Do-Re-Mi.  I sing to him too.  A punk rock version of You Are My Sunshine.  I made it up.

You are my sunshine
My rockin' sunshine
You make me craaaazy when skies are blue
You make me craaaazy when skies are gray too
Please don't take my sunshine away

He pees on the potty when he feels like it.  And sometimes in other places too.  Like the closet.  At least it was Sean's side.  He produces green poop.  He's very advanced.  He can dress himself, fasten buttons, put on shoes, and buckle himself into his car seat.  He likes to open, close, lock, and unlock doors.  Especially doors on vehicles.  He's been known to break into the neighbors' cars and trucks when they mistakenly think it's safe to leave them unlocked.  He can also lock himself into a bathroom stall.  Then climb under the door when it's more entertaining than unlocking it.  A brain teaser for the next customer.  He jumps out of windows and from the top bunk.  He shows his love for his mother, father, sister, and no other.

And there you have it.  Grady.  My rockin' sunshine.  Turning three.


  1. Grady rocks! I am laughing because our kids have such similar personalities. Happy Birthday Grady!