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Friday, February 8, 2013


Grady likes to play tricks. 

He dumps out all of the freshly washed clothes.  And mixes them with the dirty ones.

He visits each bathroom.  And uses everyone else's toothbrush.

He switches around the furniture in Lil's dollhouse while she's at school.  When she returns, she finds the toilet in the kitchen.

He puts Lil's old, pink, training potty on the floor of our closet.  Beneath Sean's hanging clothes.  And pees in it. 

He watches out the window for Sean to return from work.  He tattles on him.  "Daddy is talking on the phone.  And driving naked."

He finds Sean's deodorant.  Then rubs in on his face.  And asks for a big kiss.

He puts milk in the beer fridge.

When I peek in to see if he's asleep, he clenches his eyes shut and snorts.  Like a pig.  His version of pretend snoring.

Last night, Grady switched the nightstand lamp from my side of the bed, to Sean's side.  And switched Sean's phone charger from his side, to my side.  We laughed.  Then many hours later at 2am, we were jolted awake by the sound of the lamp base rattling by Sean's head. 

Grady was stealing the lamp.

But.  He got busted.

We sent him back to bed.

This morning when we woke up, he was passed out in our bedroom doorway.  He had been waiting for us to fall back asleep.  So he could attempt his thievery once more. Trickster.

He makes faces to divert attention from the stolen goods that he's sitting on.  He even convinces his brother to get in on the act.  Dempsey's eyes give it all away.

Grady's idea of a great outfit. 

He sleeps with this on so he can surprise Big Foot in the middle of the night.

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