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Friday, December 28, 2012

Spirit Isn't Just for the Holidays

We've got spirit yes we do
We've got spirit how 'bout you?
I have spirited children.  Three of them. 
All three went straight from crawling to running.  Jumping on the couch, and off of it.  Mistaking the back of it for a balance beam, Dempsey included.  They flip off of anything they can get their feet on.  Beds, changing tables, and window ledges .  Racing in the house and in the yard.  Playing at the playground all year long.  Riding bikes, climbing trees, scaling fences, and digging dirt. 
Spirit rides without his training wheels.

And all along I thought couches were for sitting.

They dive into the bath tub.  And jump back out.  Then do it all over again.  Sneaking in fully clothed.  With blankees.  Before I get a chance to drain the water.   They run up and down the stairs at bedtime.  A lot.  Until finally crashing.
Spirit is loud.  And in your face.  At least a cute face, in your face. 
What a doll face.  When you're drinking spirits of course.
Brushing teeth and hair in the morning requires the four of us to squeeze into the bathroom, with the door shut.  So no one can escape.  Getting shoes on Dempsey means buckling him into the car seat first.  Or sitting on him. 
They don't eat much, sleep much, or sit much.   But they sure do love much. 
Dempsey hiding from nap time.  Spirit doesn't sleep.
When they do eat, they cheers their food and drink with one another.  They eat pie, right from the pie dish.  When they do finally fall asleep, I swear they are still running.  Just with their eyes closed.  When they sit, it's only to poop. 
Pie.  It keeps the spirit up.
After a night of running in his sleep.

Story time at the library was a disaster.  For every single child.  Every.single.time.  I tried.  Sure they love books.  As long as you are chasing them while you read it.  Do not try this at home. 
They celebrate Halloween.  All.year.long.  Just in case that costume may earn them an extra piece of candy spirit.  They were dragons for Christmas.  Roar.
Merry Halloween.
At nighttime, when they are supposed to be watching a show in our bed, they open every button on the duvet cover and climb inside. 
I couldn't figure out why our house seemed so cold and the front light was out.  I had just changed the light bulb.  This went on for days.  I didn't have time to think about it.  A spirit had clambered up onto the train table, and turned off the bottom five switches of the electrical box.   Train tables aren't just for trains anymore. 
Celebratory ice pops once the heat was cranking again.
We recently waited for a prescription to be filled at the grocery store pharmacy.  It had been called in, but still wasn't ready when we arrived.  The line was long. The wait was long.  The spirited ones talked to each other on the display cell phones and used the floor as a slip and slide.  They ran in circles.  They giggled.  They weren't hurting themselves or anyone else.  I let them do it.  With reminders when it got out of hand.  Onlookers may have called it inappropriate.  I call it spirit.  And damn entertaining.  I giggled too.
Even their clothes have spirit.  For Grady, it's a shirt, tie, and blazer.  For Lillian, it's princess garb one day, and her brother's sweatshirt the next.   Sometimes, something is missing.  And it's not the spirit.
I put the van in reverse, looked back, and saw this.
Grady at his preschool Christmas show.  This was taken immediately after he untucked his shirt and looked down his pants for a solid 30 seconds.  All while on stage.  I think there was some spirit in there.
At the mall.  See... I almost have a whole handful...already more than mom!

So here's to 2013.  Cheers!  Shirts off,  pops up, and don't forget to check your pants for spirit.  It's gonna be a great year.
We've got spirit yes we do
We've got spirit how 'bout you?



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